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Do you feel that you don’t have enough time to lead and manage your team? With Adapto it’s easy and inspiring to boost your employees’ involvement, performance and commitment. Adapto offers both unique software and personal leadership courses, so don’t hesitate to contact us when you feel you’re ready to make a real difference.

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United Tax Network

Magnus Vagtborg, CEO

With Adapto, both leadership and employees have the feeling that they’ve become closer. Even more importantly, the employees feel that leadership listens to them, which has enabled the dialogue to become more open and honest in meetings.

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Anvido, Business Intelligence

Kasper Ulvedal, CEO

After we began working with Adapto, meetings have acquired more structure. Thanks to help from the virtual assistant, as a manager I get coaching that enables me to prepare better for the meeting.


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Mens Cut

Lena Krag Schmidt, CEO

Adapto has given us a better working environment and more committed employees. Our people have become a lot more positive. The negative gossip has disappeared – unhelpful moaning has turned into constructive proposals for improvement.

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Personal coach

Today a personal coach is no longer a luxury reserved only for elite sportsmen and sportswomen. With Adapto, you get a personal coach who enhances your managerial skills, as well as access to our groundbreaking software solution which helps you make day-to-day leadership easy and effective. See how Adapto enables you to ensure that your day-to-day management stays on track:

1:1 meetings – easy and engaging

Employees deserve feedback and a manager who’s available to provide coaching, advice or just someone on whom a few frustrations can be vented.

Regular 1:1 meetings are a unique opportunity to align expectations, lay down plans and provide feedback on performance.

Let Adapto manage the process and documentation, leaving you to focus on your employees. Build up confidence and talent like never before with Adapto 1:1 meetings.

Get professional advice and guidance

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Leadership development

Get inspiration for good management with adaptive videos before each meeting. The videos are aimed at your employees’ needs in forthcoming 1:1 meetings. Enjoy the feeling of being fully prepared for the challenges that your employees face.

On your own dedicated learning page you’ll also find a new management theme every week. Learn to coach, deal with conflicts, provide effective feedback and much more besides…

Performance leadership

Set agile goals for your employees and evaluate their performance together with them. When they know what you expect of them and why their particular job is important, they deliver better results. For each employee you can create job descriptions which Adapto will help keep up to date at all times.

Uniquely amongst performance leadership tools, Adapto can directly link employees’ personal objectives to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, thereby creating full transparency, documentation and – not least – the motivation to achieve these goals.

Leadership just became a little easier

On each employee page you have an overview of your notes, documents, special occasions and smiley check-ins.

Your Activity feed shows you what you need to focus on right now.

Make notes and documents in every imaginable – and unimaginable – place a thing of the past! You can keep documents and job descriptions together and secure in Adapto.

And the small things can make all the difference! With Key dates reminder, you’ll never forget a birthday or an anniversary again.

Let a smiley lead the way…

Give your employees a chance to reflect on how they feel – without you being present.

It’s really easy: your employees simply adjust the mouth on a smiley so that it matches their mood right now.

You’ll quickly realise that smiley check-ins kick-start conversations you wouldn’t want to miss!

See the effect of your leadership

Adapto’s innovativeleadership process gives you valuable insight into your managerial qualities and the needs of your team. No questionnaires – it’s a part of the process!

Team Activity provides you with a straightforward overview of the activities of your entire team and is also your to-do list in Adapto.

Learn how and when your team responds to smiley check-ins, understand what your team needs from you, see how you develop your managerial skills and much more.

Simple diagrams make your data easy to interpret and your digital assistant helps you to act on the basis of this data.

Get started with Adapto today and utilise the extra capacity to provide better leadership

Adapto Pro


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Full access to Adapto


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Personal online 1:1 training with your coach every month

Adapto Enterprise

Achieve the greatest leadership synergy and best overview with Adapto ENTERPRISE. Adapto offers customised packages that help your entire enterprise if this is required. Your ENTERPRISE package is priced according to the content that you choose. In order to get an Adapto Enterprise package, a minimum of 10 managers are required. Contact us for non-binding advice and an attractive offer.


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