Make everyday leadership easy and effective

Do you need more time to lead and develop your team? With Adapto you get a simple overview of your team, tailormade training, and structure in your everyday leadership.

Meet our customers:

United Tax Network

Magnus Vagtborg, CEO

With Adapto, both management and employees feel they have come closer: The employees feel listened to and our dialogues have become open and honest.

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Anvido, Business Intelligence

Kasper Ulvedal, CEO

Since we got Adapto, there is much more structure in our meetings. With the virtual assistant, I get coaching ahead of the conversations, so I can be prepared to support my employee in the best way possible.

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Mens Cut

Lena Krag Schmidt, CEO

Adapto has given us a better work climate and more engaged employees: Our people are now much more positive; all the negative small-talk is gone – complaints have become constructive suggestions.

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Get a simple team overview


Set up your team

and follow your interactions in your Adapto dashboard


Be present

and lead through effective 1:1 meetings


Gain real-time insights

into your employee’s needs


Get hands-on tools

to handle your employees’ challenges when they arise

Data that drives employee engagement


Get real time engagement check-ins

from your employees


Make it easy for your employees

Just one question – swipe the answer


Get feedback from your employees

so you know what they need

Making everyday leadership easy and effective

Meetings that matter


Get effective 1:1 meetings

everyone is prepared and knows what to do


Help and coach your employees

get personalized leadership – just in time


Get an overview of your meetings

both past, current and upcoming ones 


Focus on leading your team

and let Adapto handle the admin work

Let your assistant help


Honor agreements made

and get notifications and reminders


Reduce stress and sick leaves

your assistant will notify you when things are moving in the wrong direction


Remember your employee's

birthdays and anniversaries