Sustainable management


Of an employee’s commitment
is dependent on their immediate manager!


Of resignations are due to a poor or non-existent
relationship with the employee’s immediate manager!

How we create decent jobs

Sustainable management

At Adapto we believe in sustainable management – management which doesn’t only focus on short-term results on the bottom line, but which ensures long-term and sustainable value creation. In other words, management which focuses on learning and development in order to create results.

Better relations

At Adapto we support managers in establishing better relations to their employees by making their day-to-day management easier and more effective, thus enabling them to boost employee satisfaction, performance and retention.

How we boost the quality of
management training

Powerful transfer effect

90% of traditional management training does not lead to a change in or enhancement of managerial behaviour.

By means of adaptive on-the-job training, Adapto can increase the transfer effect by up to 80%.

Research-based concept

The Adapto concept is based on a PhD study by Adapto’s founder and CEO. The PhD was conducted in collaboration with Stanford University and Aalborg University.

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How we help other businesses to achieve the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals

More and more enterprises are beginning to focus on the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. It’s often a top-down process in which a CEO has identified the goals that the enterprise will focus on.

However, an enterprise will typically want its employees to be involved in the process and needs to clarify how the employees can support the process, both individually and as a whole.

Uniquely amongst performance management tools, Adapto can directly link employees’ personal objectives to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, thereby creating full transparency, documentation and – not least – the motivation to achieve these goals.

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