Magnus Vagtborg
United Tax Network

Adapto draws management and employees closer together

Aalborg-based business United Tax Network provides consultancy services to some of the world’s biggest international companies with regard to tax and social security when posting employees abroad.

Before we had Adapto

When Magnus Vagtborg took over the company, the only employee appraisal was the annual performance review. This was very conveniently combined with annual salary negotiations – so guess what the main focus was on…

Magnus Vagtborg wanted to change this state of affairs. He wanted to ensure that there would be a greater focus on the development of the individual employee. However, the problem was simply being able to schedule regular employee meetings which could be followed up upon; everyday tasks and deadlines often got in the way for both management and employees.

After we had Adapto

Adapto made a huge difference. Suddenly there was someone – the digital assistant, Anna – who made sure that the meetings were scheduled and that the employees and Magnus were both able to prepare properly for them. At the same time, Anna nudged Magnus Vagtborg to get out and take the temperature of the business.

Adapto is highly skilled at finding the right tools to be used on the basis of what the employee writes in their preparation, as well as identifying any sensitive issues that need addressing.

With Adapto, both management and employees have the feeling that they’ve become closer. Even more importantly, the employees feel that management listens to them, which has enabled the dialogue to become more open and honest in meetings.

At the same time, the purpose of the meetings is put in the right context. Both parties have the courage to speak their mind. They feel comfortable with this because they know that what’s said at the meetings is said due to the methodology and out of affection for the company.

Magnus Vagtborg is well aware of the need to adapt the advice and guidance he gets from Adapto, however, so that it reflects his business and its employees. This requires finesse and a finely honed ability to test the waters, but is well worth it.

This would never have happened had Anna not been present and put affectionate pressure on him and his employees to make sure that these meetings took place.

We make management easier

Kasper Ulvedal
Anvido, Business Intelligence

Better focus and greater benefit

Anvido delivers business intelligence that makes real people do the right things at the right times, thus optimising the business so that the bottom line grows.

Before we had Adapto

Before Adapto, none of us really prepared for the employee appraisals we held at the time. It was only the annual employee performance review that we’d be prepared for.

This meant that the meetings we held on an ongoing basis didn’t really go anywhere because there were no concrete goals or even any agenda. We didn’t know what we needed to talk about before we were actually sitting down face-to-face. This didn’t always lead to useful results and was, in our view, for the most part a waste of time.

After we had Adapto

“After we began working with Adapto, meetings have acquired more structure. Thanks to help from the virtual assistant, as a manager I get coaching that enables me to prepare better for the meeting.

At the same time, it made me a better manager. I could certainly have found something else to do on an empty stomach before we got Adapto. The meetings now have a better outcome – for the employee, myself and the firm,” says CEO Kasper Ulvedal from Anvido.

“I also feel that I’m better prepared for these meetings,” says employee Niels Kjærsgaard Kristensen from Anvido. “I receive probing questions that force me to think, prioritise and reflect prior to the meeting”.

“At the same time, the Adapto system develops an agenda on the basis of my responses which makes sure that we cover everything, and that both Kasper and I are aware of what we have to talk about at the meeting. We’re better prepared and have aligned our expectations in advance as to what the meeting shall achieve,” explains Niels Kjærsgaard Kristensen from Anvido.

Adapto has thus given Anvido a greater output from and more focus on meetings with employees – which is of benefit for the employees, the management and the firm as a whole.

We make management easier

Lena Krag Schmidt
Mens Cut

Adapto has given us more committed employees

Men’s Cut is a hairdresser and barber shop whose 12 hairdressers make it one of the biggest in the business. In addition to a full range of tinting and styling, Men’s Cut also offers a unique selection of wigs and scarves – reflecting its commitment to the fight against cancer.

Men’s Cut has used Adapto since January 2018. Owner Lena Krag Smith describes the process here:

Before we had Adapto

“Earlier, our joint staff meetings were dominated by all those small, irritating everyday issues that had built up over time – all those ‘who does what and when’ issues – including trivia such as the cleaning of a dye bowl. 

It wasn’t unusual for there to be 30 items on the agenda at these meetings.


After we had Adapto

We now have just 2-3 items on the agenda at our joint staff meetings, since all the minor everyday issues have disappeared. We now deal with these on an ongoing basis – before they become major problems. It also means that people are much more positive and I’m proud of all the new initiatives they’re putting forward now that there’s nothing getting in the way of their creativity and job satisfaction. The negative gossip has disappeared – unhelpful moaning has turned into constructive proposals.” 

Lena explains how this positive development is linked to the digital management assistant, Anna: “Anna has helped us managers to coach the hairdressers and to ask those all-important questions. Actually I do have a management course in coaching, but it’s Anna who makes sure I use it.”

As to the importance of working with Adapto, Lena adds: “We literally have customers in our hands every day – they can enjoy a well-deserved break in the midst of our working environment. It’s therefore crucial to us that Adapto has given us a better working environment and more committed employees.” 

We make management easier

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