Magnus Vagtborg
United Tax Network

Adapto Brings Management and Employees Closer

The Aalborg company United Tax Network advises some of the largest international companies in the world about things like taxes and social security when they need to station employees in other countries. 

Before we got Adapto 

When Magnus Vagtborg took over the company, the only employee conversation that was taking place was the annual staff development dialogue. It was very handily combined with the annual wage negotiations. You guess where the focus was. 

This is something Magnus Vagtborg wanted to change. He wanted to ensure that there was an increased focus on the development of the individual employee. The only problem was to schedule ongoing employee dialogues to follow up on what had been decided. Too often, day-to-day tasks and deadlines would get in the way for both management and employees. 

Since we got Adapto 

Adapto changed this. Because suddenly there was someone – the digital assistant, Anna – who was making sure that the meetings were put on the calendar and that both the employees and Magnus managed to prepare for them thoroughly. At the same time, Anna was nudging Magnus Vagtborg to get out and take the temperature in the company. 

Because Adapto is incredibly sharp at getting out the right tools based on what the employees write in preparation and to find the sore spots it is so essential to get handled. 

Thus, with Adapto both management and employees have the feeling that they have been brought closer. Even more importantly, the employees are experiencing that management is listening to them. This has made the dialogue even more open and honest in the meetings.  

At the same time, the purpose of the meetings has been put into proper context. Both parties are comfortable speaking their mind. They are comfortable because they know that what is said at the meetings is said for the sake of methodology and for love for the company. 

Magnus Vagtborg, however, is very careful to adapt the advice and guidance he gets from Adapto, so it fits his business and his employees. This requires finesse and a talent for seeing how the land lies, but it is invaluable. 

Because nothing would ever have come of this, if Anna hadn’t been there, lovingly pressuring him and his employees to get their conversations done.

Making leadership easy

Kasper Ulvedal
Anvido, Business Intelligence

Better Focus and Greater Profits

The Anvido company provides business intelligence that gets the right people to do the right things at the right time. This optimizes business, so the bottom line increases. 

Before we got Adapto 

Before Adapto, none of us really prepared for the employee conversations we used to have. The only one we prepared for was the annual staff development dialogue. 

That meant that the ongoing conversations didn’t accomplish anything, because we had neither goals nor agenda. We never knew what we were going to talk about once we were sitting there. These meetings didn’t always yield results, or at least not particularly deliberate results. We thought it was mostly a waste of time. 

Since we got Adapto 

“Since we got Adapto, there is much more structure to the conversations. Using the virtual assistant, I, as a leader, get some coaching ahead of the conversation, which prepares me better for the dialogue. 

At the same time, I’m becoming a better leader. At least, before we got Adapto, I would have come up with other ways of doing things by following my gut. This makes the conversations more successful, both for the employees, for me, and for the company”, recounts leader Kasper Ulvedal from Anvido. 

“I also feel that I am much better prepared for these conversations,” says Anvido employee Niels Kjærsgaard Kristensen. “I get some focused questions that have me thinking, prioritizing, and making careful considerations ahead of the conversation.” 

“At the same time, the Adapto system develops an agenda based on my answers, ensuring that we will cover everything and that both Kasper and I are aware what we will talk about in the meeting. In other words, we are better prepared, and our expectations are aligned ahead of time as to the results of the meeting”, Niels Kjærsgaard Kristensen from Adapto elaborates. 

Thus, Anvido draws more benefit from and is more focused on employee conversations when using Adapto, which is an advantage for both employees, the management, and the company.

Making leadership easy

Lena Krag Schmidt
Mens Cut

Better Work Climate and more Engaged Employees

Men’s Cut is a hairdresser with 12 talented employees and is one of the larger hairdressers in the industry. In addition to everything in dyeing and cutting, Men’s Cut also offers a unique range of wigs and scarves – in line with their great efforts for supporting the fight against cancer. 

Men’s Cut has used Adapto since January 2018, and owner Lena Krag Smith tells us about the process: 

Before we got Adapto

“Before, our team meetings were filled with all those little disturbing everyday things that had summed up during the weeks – all the ‘who does what when’ – all the way down to cleaning a color bowl. Having 30 points on the agenda at those meetings was normal, unfortunately. 

Since we got Adapto 

Now we only have 2-3 points to our team meetings. We handle all the smaller items as they occur, so they don’t grow out of hand.  It also means that our employees have become much more positive and I am proud of all the new initiatives and ideas they bring to the table. Now nothing is blocking their creativity and job satisfaction. The negative small talk has disappeared – complaints are now converted into improvement proposals. “ 

Lena tells us how the positive development is related to the digital management assistant Anna: “Anna has helped us to coach the hairdressers and reminds us to ask the right questions and provide the right amount of leadership and guidance. I have taken many coaching courses and leadership training, but it’s Anna who makes me coach the employees. “ 

“We literally lay our hands on our customers every day, and they get a well-deserved break right in the middle of our working environment. So having a great working environment for us directly influences our customer satisfaction, so we are delighted that  Adapto supports our efforts for a better working environment and more committed and engaged employees.”

Making leadership easy

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