Ready for Management?

The first 100% personal pre-manager programme

Would you like to become a manager? And would you like to be prepared for a future management position?

Then this management programme is for you.

Ready for management? is a 3-week clarification and acceleration course, on which you have the chance to test and develop your desire to acquire the position of manager.

Why do I want to be a manager? Which sort of manager do I want to be? Am I prepared to delegate my tasks, responsibility and recognition? What does it mean to be a consistently good day-to-day manager? How can it be me?

The programme helps you find the answers that will make you a success.

The course is 100% personal: Your coach adapts the programme to your motivation and profile, as well as your future management position and the objectives defined by your enterprise.

The course is 100% flexible: It’s split into smaller elements that fit into your working week. Everything takes place online, with our latest meeting and learning technology ensuring fluid and engaging personal dialogue and learning.

With this perfect combination of personal 1:1 training and ongoing online management development, you’ll understand and strengthen your managerial profile and thus be prepared for management.

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Denmark’s best coaches

Your personal coach will follow you throughout the entire programme. Your coach is at your disposal and regularly checks in between your planned sessions.

The programme’s coaches have at least 10 years of management experience and have previously successfully coached at least 100 new managers.

Continuous development

The programme uses Adapto – a simple yet powerful management development platform to which all participants have access.

Here you will have free access to management videos, guides and webinars both during and after the programme.



Do I want to be a manager? Why?


What is a good manager?


Am I ready to become a manager?


How do I become a good manager?



Week 1: Why do I want to become a manager? Which type of manager do I wish to be?

Personal training (1.5 hours online)
Your motivation
Transition from employee to manager

Week 2: What is required of a good day-to-day manager?

Personal training (1 hour online)
Your management profile
Good day-to-day management and management rhythms

Week 3: How do I become the manager I wish to be?

Personal training (1 hour online)
Your development plan
Action plan for your initial period as a manager

Online learning and exercises (Continuous)

During the course, your coach will introduce you to selected management concepts and methods, e.g.:
Effective delegation of tasks
Setting goals and target management
Prioritisation with and for others
Employee satisfaction
Performance coaching

Ready for management?


7.995 DKK

Price per participant. Ex. VAT

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Once you’ve been appointed as a manager, you can continue on the New manager programme and make your management both easy and effective from day one.

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