Management course for new managers

A 100% personal acceleration programme for new managers

You create the foundations of a good manager/employee relationship from the early stages of your new job as a manager. This initial phase is therefore even more important for you and your team’s future success. With this programme you’ll be a success right from the start.

The programme is aimed at you if you’ve just been appointed as a manager or have been in your current position as a manager for no more than 6 months.

“New manager” is an 8-week programme that accelerates your managerial skills. Your personal coach customises the programme to reflect your experience and your management situation.

The programme is 100% flexible and offers a perfect combination of personal 1:1 training and continuous online learning: To make you the best possible manager in the shortest possible time.

Focused learning – no time-wasting

The course is 100% personal

The cornerstone of the programme is personal online training sessions. Your coach adapts the programme to your motivation, ambitions and skills, allied to your management position and the objectives defined by your enterprise.

The course is 100% flexible

Everything takes place online, with our latest meeting and learning technology ensuring fluid and engaging personal dialogue and training. The course is adapted to your schedule and the content is tailored to your situation. As a result, you focus your time exclusively on the development of your managerial skills and not on transport and long days in the classroom being presented with subjects that you already know about or already master.

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Denmark’s best coaches

Your personal coach will follow you throughout the entire programme. Your coach is at your disposal and regularly checks in between your planned sessions.

The programme’s coaches have at least 10 years of management experience and have previously successfully coached at least 100 new managers.

Stay on track towards easy and effective management

The programme is facilitated using AdaptoPRO – a powerful management development platform to which all participants have access for a full 4 months.

With Adapto, it’s easy to take control of your day-to-day management activities, whilst inspiring videos, guides and webinars make your day-to-day management effective from the very first day!



6 x personal coaching


Managerial profile with development plan


8 weeks online learning


4 months AdaptoPRO


Certification with action plan


Week 1: Personal training (1.5 hours online)
Motivation and skills development
Setup on online learning platform
Gap analysis and development plan drawn up

Week 2: Personal training (1 hour online).
Your managerial profile and development plan
Transition from employee to manager
Day-to-day management – take charge of your management rhythms

Week 3: Online learning and exercise (30 min)
Aligning expectations with your team
Managing means delegating

Week 4: Personal training (1 hour online)
Situational management
Effective communication

Week 5: Online learning and exercise (30 min)
Set meaningful goals and achieve them
Performance coaching (GROW)

Week 6: Personal training (1 hour online)
Performance management
Coach your coach

Week 7: Personal training (1 hour online)
Prioritisation of your own and others’ tasks
Your management competence assessment

Week 8: Personal Certification (online)
Certification with statement (if required)
Prioritised focus areas going forward
Action plan for the next month

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