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We offer API integration, white labeling, company dashboard, leader of leader functions, implementation workshops, company specific content and much more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How will you bill me?

We will bill you monthly or annually, and you can pay by credit card or wire transfer. We won’t ask you to sign any contracts other than our terms of service.

What if I dont' need all the Pro features

You can always choose to add one of our single Add-On modules to you Adapto Free subscription. If you for example just want 1:1 meetings, you can quickly add that module to your subscription.

What is the benefit of a Pro account instead of individual modules?

With a Pro account, you get the full power suite of Adapto. You get dedicated onboarding support, advanced reporting features and most importantly you get exclusive chat based coaching with one of our leading experts as part of our “Ask Anna” feature.

Is Adapto Free really free?

Adapto Free is not a free trial. It’s 100% free with no time limit.

Which types of support come with Adapto?

We offer technical and commercial support through and chat for all our customers. For our Pro and Enterprise users, we offer “Ask Anna” where you get dedicated professional coaching to your leadership challenges. Our Pro and Enterprise users will also get free onboarding and advanced implementation support.

How do I cancel? What happens when I cancel?

Subscriptions automatically renew based on the term you selected when you created your account, either monthly or annually until canceled. When you cancel your subscription, you will retain full access to your account and its full features until the end of your paid term. You can choose to stay on the Adapto Free plan and keep all your data, or you can want to close your account and lose all your data.

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