Adapto Technologies ApS is fully committed to delivering secure and compliant software to the benefits of our users. We build our software on Microsoft Azure cloud solution, and we have very high security standards. These standards are stipulated below:

Data Center

Adapto’s physical infrastructure is hosted and managed within Europe at Microsoft’s server facilities and with constant virus and malware control.

Windows Azure runs in geographically distributed Microsoft facilities, sharing space and utilities with other Microsoft Online Services. Each facility is designed to run 24 x 7 and employs various measures to help protect operations from power failure, physical intrusion, and network outages. These data centers comply with industry standards for physical security and reliability and they are managed, monitored, and administered by Microsoft operations personnel. They are designed for “lights out” operation. Microsoft Azure is fully certified with the latest compliance requirements with  ISO27018 for data security. Further details of Windows Azure’s physical security are discussed below.

Physical Security

Microsoft uses industry standard access mechanisms to protect Windows Azure’s physical infrastructure and data center facilities. Access is limited to a very small number of operations personnel, who must regularly change their administrative access credentials. Datacenter access, and the authority to approve data center access is controlled by Microsoft operations personnel in alignment with local data center security practices.

Fire Detection and Suppression

In case of fire or situations that could threaten life safety, the facilities are designed to allow egress without remaining exposed.


Each data center facility has a minimum of two sources of electrical power, including a power generation capability for extended off-grid operation. Environmental controls are self-contained and remain operational as long as the facility and contained systems remain online. Physical security controls are designed to “fail closed” during power outages or other environmental incidents.

Climate and Temperature Control

We are fully committed to climate-friendly solutions. Microsoft achieved Carbon Neutrality in 2014, and achieved the goal that all new data centers have an average 1.125 Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE), which is one-third less than the industry average data center PUE of 1.7.


Data center staff monitor electrical, mechanical and life support systems and equipment, so issues are immediately identified. Preventative maintenance is performed to maintain the continued operability of equipment. Data is encrypted to level AES-256 via Azure Key Vault when possible

Employee Access

No Adapto or Microsoft staff will access your business metrics unless required for support reasons. In cases where staff must access business metrics in order to perform support, we will get your explicit consent each time, except when responding to a critical security issue or suspected abuse.

When working a support issue, we do our best to respect your privacy as much as possible; we only access the minimum data needed to resolve your issue. See more about our privacy policy at

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30. August 2018

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